JobLink Mobile

The job search mobile app is designed to complement America’s JobLink (AJL) as a free, user-friendly app for job seekers. Available on both Google Play and the App Store, the job search app is easy to download and use from any Android or Apple device. With just a few taps, job seekers can view, save, and share jobs from across the state.

Why Subscribe?

The app pulls job postings from your state’s AJL system, providing access to thousands of jobs from approved employers. Clicking on a job posting connects users to your state’s AJL system, encouraging them to create resumes, apply to jobs, receive one-on-one support, and get funding for education and training.

System Support

By subscribing to an AJLA–TS product, you can be confident you will receive premium support. A subscription to the mobile app includes release updates as well as system enhancements at no additional cost. System enhancements are focused on improving user experience and are facilitated through discussions between the AJLA–TS product owner and user designers and with your state staff and end users.

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