Imagine looking forward to reporting deadlines. ReportLink takes the headache out of managing your workforce program data and submitting all federally required reports.

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Quickly, easily, and accurately generate all your federal workforce program reports with ReportLink, the next generation in reporting solutions from AJLA–TS. ReportLink is a web-based, comprehensive workforce program data management system. An AJL subscription includes ReportLink at no additional charge. ReportLink is also available as a standalone product.

ReportLink includes, but is not limited to, the following features:

Built for Speed and Simplicity

Waiting for hours and hours while your report builds? Who’s got time for that? ReportLink’s file upload, data import, file output, validation, wage request, and report build functions are fast and easy. One subscriber generated their reports and E-DRVS file with 1,585,937 records in 20 minutes. View and save reports online in USDOL-approved formats, and instantly filter reports by reporting period, Local Area/WIB, or office. Generate the ETA 9002, VETS 200, ETA 9090, and ETA 9091 reports, as well as numerous management reports to support state requirements. You can even track state-level performance goals for WIASRD.

Reliable Data Edit Checking for LEPR, TAPR, and WIASRD

Nobody likes do-overs. With ReportLink, you can confidently submit a clean file to E-DRVS, the first time. Upload your LEPR, WIASRD, and TAPR files to ReportLink and perform a full edit check using E-DRVS specifications. View validation logs, summaries, and error details including error counts, numbers, messages, and severity ratings. Quickly resolve identified issues using the ReportLink online editor, then generate error-free output files that meet USDOL formatting standards.


AJLA–TS is currently upgrading ReportLink to meet both the Combined WIOA reporting requirements and the ETA-specific WIOA reporting requirements. The upgrade will ensure that all new WIOA reports are included and that ReportLink will be able to process the Participant Individual Record Layout and associated edit checks.

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