About AJLA

America’s Job Link Alliance (AJLA) is a consortium of publicly funded workforce agencies formed in 2001. AJLA was founded on the belief that we’re better together. The growth of our organization and the success of our products proves this rule. AJLA members share the costs of designing and implementing workforce systems while accommodating each organization’s individual needs. Through the Steering Committee, each subscriber has a valued voice. Each new workforce agency to join the Alliance brings fresh ideas and perspectives that benefit the whole.

AJLA Steering Committee

Subscription to AJLA–TS products includes AJLA membership at no additional charge. Members are encouraged to nominate representatives to AJLA’s user group, the AJLA Steering Committee, which helps direct the ongoing development of AJLA–TS systems. The Steering Committee provides members with an instant, nationwide network of peers for sharing workforce development strategies and best practices.

The Steering Committee is led by an elected AJLA Executive Committee. Elections are held every other year at the AJLA Annual Conference. The Executive Committee collaborates with AJLA–TS leadership to develop high-level organizational priorities and strategies, including those documented in the Annual AJLA Work Plan.

Professional Development and Information Exchange

The AJLA Steering Committee provides members with an instant, nationwide network of peers for sharing workforce development strategies and best practices. Each product has a sub-committee that hosts monthly conference calls to discuss any issues and to preview new features in the application. The Steering Committee meets face to face two times a year. These events are open to both members and prospective members and provide an affordable opportunity to:


America’s Job Link Alliance–Technical Support (AJLA–TS) has been providing data processing systems, training, and technical support to workforce development agencies for over 50 years. AJLA–TS was first organized as the Manpower and Computer Systems Institute (MACSI) in 1969 through federal grants. AJLA–TS has also operated under the name Employment Security Systems Institute (ESSI) and America’s Workforce Technology Solutions (AWTS). AJLA–TS has been a producer of web-based systems since 1999.

AJLA–TS has served as the national information systems development and support center for AJLA since 2002. AJLA–TS helps state and local workforce agencies meet the needs of today’s customers by providing intuitive, integrated information technology solutions and exceptional technical support.


Making a difference in America's workforce.


We envision supporting the success of America's workforce by being the premier provider of on-trend, user-centric, cost-effective workforce technology.


Service – Putting people at the center of everything we do

Passion – Committing our hearts and minds to improving lives

Integrity – Building relationships on honesty and trust

Respect – Treating every perspective as valuable

Innovation – Delighting the customer with the unexpected

Teamwork – Empowering each other to achieve excellence

Our Strengths

We build long-lasting relationships on a foundation of excellent customer service.

Happy Face
User Experience

User satisfaction drives all our development efforts. We work with each state to understand their end users' needs and rely on their feedback to guide the design of our applications.

Staying Power

We’re in our 51st year of providing information systems to the workforce development community. You can trust our experience and our integrity.

Ruby on Rails
Ruby on Rails

We use Ruby on Rails, the best framework for developing high-performance, scalable web applications. (Read the White Paper.)


We’re constantly coming up with new tools and features on the leading edge of workforce development IT. We love to take the ideas of the AJLA user group and run with them, too.


From requirements gathering, to interface development, to end user training, and everything in between, we’ve got large-scale implementation projects down to a science.


Our customers enjoy the peace of mind that comes with multilayered security, continuous data protection, and premium, reliable system performance.


Our products have an unparalleled reputation for accuracy in workforce development program reporting.


AJLA–TS products are the most comprehensive and cost effective. We aim to keep it that way.