“The partnership and consortia approach offers a cost effective and efficient way for states to work together to lower costs and free scarce dollars for other priorities.”


About AJLA


Making a difference in America's workforce.


We envision supporting the success of America's workforce by being the premier provider of on-trend, user-centric, cost-effective workforce technology.

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AJLA Steering Committee

Subscription to AJLA–TS products includes AJLA membership at no additional charge. Members are encouraged to nominate representatives to AJLA’s user group, the AJLA Steering Committee, which helps direct the ongoing development of AJLA–TS systems. The Steering Committee provides members with an instant, nationwide network of peers for sharing workforce development strategies and best practices.

The Steering Committee is led by an elected AJLA Executive Committee. Elections are held every other year at the AJLA Annual Conference. The Executive Committee collaborates with AJLA–TS leadership to develop high-level organizational priorities and strategies, including those documented in the Annual AJLA Work Plan.

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AJLA Events

AJLA hosts three Steering Committee meetings a year. These meetings are open to non-members and are wonderful, affordable opportunities for professional development and networking. The agenda always includes AJLA–TS administrative and product development updates, updates on current issues from AJLA’s NASWA, USDOL/ETA, and USDOL/VETS liaisons, and a variety of educational presentations by member states, as well as local, state, and federal workforce development professionals. Time is also devoted to reviewing and discussing product enhancements submitted by users in AJLA’s online tracking system, Redmine.


America’s Job Link Alliance–Technical Support (AJLA–TS) serves as the national information systems development and support center for America's JobLink Alliance (AJLA). AJLA–TS helps state and local workforce agencies meet the needs of today’s customers by providing intuitive, integrated information technology solutions and exceptional technical support.

Our Strengths


We build long-lasting relationships on a foundation of excellent customer service.

Happy Face
User Experience

User satisfaction drives all our development efforts. We use a responsive approach for a high-quality experience across a variety of platforms and devices—both desktop and mobile.

Staying Power

We’re in our 47th year of providing information systems to the workforce development community. You can trust our experience and our integrity.

Ruby on Rails
Ruby on Rails

We use Ruby on Rails, the best framework for developing high-performance, scalable web applications. (Read the White Paper.)


We’re constantly coming up with new tools and features on the leading edge of workforce development IT. We love to take the ideas of the AJLA user group and run with them, too.


From requirements gathering, to interface development, to end user training, and everything in between, we’ve got large-scale implementation projects down to a science.


Our hosted customers enjoy the peace of mind that comes with multilayered security, continuous data protection, and premium, reliable system performance.


Our products have an unparalleled reputation for accuracy in workforce development program reporting.


America’s JobLink is the most comprehensive, cost-effective system of its kind. We aim to keep it that way.

Our Team

Experience the difference of friendly, knowledgeable staff who truly understand your business needs and objectives. AJLA–TS has been partnering successfully with workforce development organizations for nearly half a century. We get it, and we’ll get your project done right.

Wally Ballou Wally Ballou Application Development Manager
Joy Bancroft Joy Bancroft Customer Relations Manager
Jennifer Bliss Jennifer Bliss Applications Developer
Christine Bohannon Christine Bohannon Director
Tiffany Burtin Tiffany Burtin Accessibility Analyst
David Butts David Butts Software Development Engineer
Nan Clanton Nan Clanton Business Systems Analyst
Karen Clark Karen Clark Business Analyst
Carrie Doud Carrie Doud Office Manager
David Eisenbarth David Eisenbarth Business Systems Analyst
Dave Fairchild Dave Fairchild Applications Developer
Dawn Feldkamp Dawn Feldkamp Applications Developer
Dash Hansen Dash Hansen Business Systems Analyst
Stacy Jennings Stacy Jennings Applications Developer
Jean Claude Kandagaye Jean Claude Kandagaye Applications Developer
Brian Kayser Brian Kayser Applications Developer
Dennis LaMunyon Dennis LaMunyon Database Administrator
Carol Manis Carol Manis Business Systems Analyst
Melanie Manry Melanie Manry Business Systems Analyst
Chantele Parker Chantele Parker Applications Developer
Brooke Patterson Brooke Patterson Business Systems Analyst Manager
Eric Smith Eric Smith Information Security Analyst
Ben Stegeman Ben Stegeman Applications Developer
James Stewart James Stewart Project Manager
Jenifer Telshaw Jenifer Telshaw Business Systems Analyst
Sabrina Tillman Sabrina Tillman Business Systems Analyst
Joseph Wedeking Joseph Wedeking Solutions Architect
Janelle Wenzl Janelle Wenzl Documentation Coordinator

Not pictured: Jeff Farmer, Applications Developer; Jodie Wunder, Customer Relations Representative.