Having AJLA–TS host your workforce solution just makes sense. Subscribers taking advantage of this option experience the best return on their investment including substantial long-term savings in hardware, software, and staffing costs. In addition to all of the standard support provided under your product subscription, AJLA–TS promptly installs all upgrades and new releases, replaces depreciated equipment, and handles the annual software license fees for third-party software.

Multilevel Security

AJLA–TS maintains two Tier III data centers to ensure the highest levels of security and performance. Our production data center is located in a government building with 24/7 onsite security. The hardware in this data center has an additional three levels of physical security in place to limit access. All employees who have access to any of the data centers must pass a Kansas Bureau of Investigation background check. The disaster recovery site is operated by a 24/7 support team and requires several levels of authentication to access.

AJLA–TS performs an annual internal security audit, and undergoes regular external network and software audits.

Continuous Data Protection

AJLA–TS data is backed up nightly via a tapeless secure Avamar Grid, and replicated offsite to a secure, fully operational disaster recovery data center. We use EMC RecoverPoint, which provides continuous data protection with multiple recovery points to restore applications instantly to a specific point in time. These technologies allow for continuous data protection and restoration capabilities around the clock, 365 days a year.

Premium Performance

AJLA–TS is 99% virtual with VMware, which allows for quick, efficient installations and setups. We use cutting-edge Cisco Next Generation Firewalls, Firepower Intrusion Protection System, EMCBlock and File Storage, and EMC Elastic Cloud Storage™, which allows for BLOBs (binary large object data, such as resumes and job order files) to be stored separately from the SQL database for improved data management. We use Cisco UCS Blades for our hosting infrastructure. This advanced technology provides our subscribers with the fastest, most reliable, and most secure solution possible.