Premium products deserve premium support. Whether it’s troubleshooting a minor technical issue, adding a new program or grant to the system, or developing a new product feature, AJLA–TS has you covered. We’ll work with you to ensure our systems are performing at their best and evolving with your needs for maximum return on your investment over the long term. All subscriptions to AJLA–TS products include the following post-implementation support services:

Under an AJLA–TS hosting agreement, we’ll also install all upgrades, replace depreciated equipment, and handle the annual software license fees for third-party software.

Contact Options

AJLA–TS is committed to providing prompt, personal support to each and every customer. Subscribers can ask technical and non-technical questions, submit enhancements, and report issues 24/7/365 via the AJLA–TS Tracking System. Our knowledgeable support staff respond within one business day—usually within a matter of hours. The AJLA help desk is also available during business hours by phone and email.


User Documentation

AJLA–TS maintains an extensive library of user documentation. Our Quick Start Guides provide step-by-step video for the functions most frequently used by American Job Center staff, job seekers, and employers and are designed to get new users up and running quickly. The AJLA User Guides cover the full functionality of all our products, providing detailed guidance for each page and field. User documentation is available to subscribers in the AJLA–TS Tracking System.

Technical Documentation

Technical documentation supporting conversion, interface, and reporting processes is available upon request. State technical staff also have access to our online, searchable data dictionary.


AJLA–TS provides free, post-implementation subscription training delivered by members of our experienced Training Team. Webinars are offered for every product release so you’ll always know what’s new. “Refresher” webinars for new staff are also available upon request. In person post-implementation training at your facility can be arranged for an additional fee. To request training, please complete the form below. An AJLA–TS representative will be in touch with you shortly. Product training is only available to subscribers of that product. If you are not a current subscriber, please request a product demonstration.